Wacky's Sneaky Joke-Lines!

Joke Lines.

Wacky is unique because his joke-calls are fully interactive, using clever speech recognition to respond to whatever your 'victim' says - just like a real telephone conversation!

These joke-lines aren't recordings with cunning pauses - our computers listen to what your victim is saying and respond accordingly.

So if the 'victim' swears, they'll be told to mind their language! If they ask if it's a joke, they'll be told to take it a bit more seriously!

Now it's personal .. It even asks for them by name!

Why not infuriate your mates in secret and have fun with some Joke-Lines

Wanna be Sneaky?

Got time for a bit of fun ?

Be a devil ... play a joke call on a friend right now! Listen secretly while we play the joke on them, just listen to them squirm with embarrassment!