Hints & Tips

Below are some simple hints & tips to help you get the best from the service.

Speed up the call

You can get to the windup quicker and skip the intro at the start of the call by pressing any button. But please have a quick listen the first time?

Not answered by your friend?

If the call is answered by someone else, press the # key, ask for victim, then press # again to start the Wind-up.

Voicemails & Answering Machines

If answered by their voicemail, press # to stop the wind-up, then press * (star) to leave a voicemail windup instead!

Test on Yourself

When you call, pressing 2 at the main menu will let you try out the joke yourself.

Personal Touch

Most WindUps can ask for their 'victim' by name

Re live the call.

The calls to your friend are recorded, so you can listen to them as much as you like afterwards by clicking My Pranks

I'm ready to play !

Unique Features

High Quality
All 'prank call' or 'wind-up' characters have been carefully written and performed by professional actors.
Unique Reaction
This service is like no other. It will actually listen to what your victim says and reacts to suit. See what happens if they swear!
'Victim' Names
This time it's personal ! The service can now be told your victims name so it can include it in the call, making it much more convincing & realistic!
Lets you listen secretly as the prank call or wind-up is played on your unsuspecting victim. Shout, scream or laugh, they can't hear you so they won't know it's you!
Group Listen
You can now invite you're friends to listen in on your windup call. Your friends need to select this option instead and enter your number.
Voicemail Wind Ups
If you get your victims answering machine ... no worries, you can now leave a voicemail windup instead ... Just press # to stop the joke and * (star) to leave the voicemail windup instead !
Recorded Calls
With just a few simple clicks you can re-live the funniest moments, time and time again! Easily access all your prank recordings by visiting the 'My Pranks' section from the main menu on this site.
Sample Studio
If you're a little unsure about which one to choose, you can sample them first before playing it on your victim!
Land lines or Mobiles
It doesn't matter where your victim is, on a land line, mobile, Google voice or Skype, We'll call them in most places !
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On your mobile

Are you on a mobile ? Our website should adjust itself to suit the device you're on, but if you'd prefer, we have a simplified mobile only website.

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