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When did April Fools Start ?

Why do we play Prank Calls or Wind-Ups on April 1st - No one really knows when this custom began & it's been kept for hundreds of years!

It is commonly believed that 'April Fool' began due to a change of calendars. In 1582, Pope Gregory introduced a new calendar called the Gregorian calendar. This is what we still use today.

The old Julian calendar was replaced because each year was too long & by this time it was 10 days ahead. To solve this Gregory simply moved his new calendar forward by ten days.

The Julian New Year was celebrated from March 25th to April 1st.

But in France, people were forgetful and others simply refused to accept the new Gregorian calendar, so their New Year was still celebrated on April 1st. Other people would play tricks & pranks on them and call them April Fools.