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    The Wind Up Calls have a clever little twist ... We've used intelligent speech recognition so the wind-ups can talk back and also know your 'victims' name!

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Welcome to WackyPrankCalls!

Have you ever wanted to play a Telephone wind up call on a friend but were too afraid of them finding out?

Look no further ... 'Wacky Prank Calls' has a hilarious selection of wind-ups you can play on your friends, family or anyone else you think deserves it!

Listen in secretly as we call your 'Victim' and play the Wind-Up on them. You can shout, scream or laugh! They will never know it's you !

These unique Prank Calls are so convincing & realistic, it will even respond to what your 'victim' says and behave just like a real person would!

We're sometimes referred to as wind up calls, joke lines or even joke calls.


Team Leader

Prank calls online!

Prank calls from your computer - You can now wind-up your friends online & with phone, they'll never know it's you!

Wacky Facts

Some random facts we found while rummaging around one day:

Biggest Prankers

Most wind up calls are made by people living in London.

More gullible

Where as, Birmingham receives the most prank calls.


Alas, men are now confirmed as being the most gullible!


Most prank calls are made by girls .... Mmm, worrying!


Finally, most wind-up calls are made to people called either 'John' or 'Lisa'

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